How to Make Baby Food In a Blender

Starting solids is an exciting new experience for mom and baby. But if you are a new mommy, it can be a confusing time. What are the best first foods for your baby? Can you make baby food in a blender? And how do you make baby food in a blender?

All these questions can be a bit overwhelming, but with a bit of help, you will become a baby food gourmet chef in no time!

Some of the best first foods for your baby

1Yummy Vegetables

Veggies are a fantastic first food for your baby. It is great to start with less sweet foods e.g. veggies in order for your little one to accept blander tastes. When jumping right into super sweet fruits for example your baby may not want the blander tasting marrow…

Examples of go-to-first veggies include: butternut, pumpkin, pea puree, sweet potato, carrots and gem squash

It may be a good idea to initially introduce one food at a time in order to identify food that causes discomfort / allergic reactions.

2Sweet Fruity Treats

Once your baby gets used to vegetables, you can introduce some fruit.

The Baby led weaning concept is great with softer, bigger fruits e.g. banana or mango, however, if you want to up variety of other fruits e.g berries simply use your blender to make it safe to consume for your baby when introducing solids.

Apple, pear, banana and avocado can be delicious for your baby to try.

3Plain Cereals

If you are unsure about starting your baby on vegetables and fruit first, you could make your own smooth rice-/ oat/- maize meal cereal. Add breast-/ formula milk to get the right smooth texture.

How to make vegetable puree in a blender for your baby

When it comes to making vegetables for your little one in a blender, it couldn’t be easier! (We love the blenders from Omniblend, as offer great blenders for pureeing baby food.

Step 1: Choose a veggie that you think will be a good choice for your baby.

Step 2: Cook the vegetable until they are soft and well cooked. You can boil or steam the veggies in a pot or steamer.

Step 3: Place the cooked vegetables in your Omniblend food processor and blend till a very smooth, pureed consistency. If it still feels a bit lumpy, you could always add a little bit of breastmilk or formula milk to the mix.

Step 4: Let your little one have a taste. Start small with one teaspoon at a time and see how your baby does. If your little one rejects the taste at first, don’t worry; keep trying because it can take some time for your baby to get used to different tastes.

How to make fruit puree for your baby in a blender

Once your baby has gotten used to various vegetables, you can always try to make them some fruit puree as a yummy, sweet treat or simply add it to a vegetable.

Step 1: Choose a fruit of your choice, such as apple or pear.

Step 2: Cook your fruit until soft. You could either boil or steam the fruit of choice.

Step 3: Place your soft-cooked fruit in your food processor and blend until the consistency is smooth and pureed. If the texture isn’t smooth enough, add some breastmilk or formula milk.

Happy first tastes!

Making baby food in a blender is easy and fun! Enjoy every moment of your little one’s new experiences. See what foods your baby loves or hates; This is an exciting adventure, which will lay the foundation for your baby’s healthy eating habits.

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