Nutrition rehabilitation includes nutrition assessment, medical nutrition therapy, nutrition counselling and nutrition education.

Anorexia Nervosa (AN)
Anorexia Nervosa (AN) is voluntary self-starvation resulting in the inability to maintain healthy body weight. Individuals with Anorexia Nervosa have an intense fear to gain weight even though they are underweight. Anorexia Nervosa can have serious medical and nutritional complications.

Bulimia Nervosa (BN)
Bulimia Nervosa (BN) is a disorder characterised by recurrent episodes of binge eating followed by one or more compensatory behaviours such as self-induced vomiting; misuse of laxatives, diuretics or other medications or excessive exercise to avoid weight gain. Unlike Anorexia Nervosa patients, patients with Bulimia Nervosa are typically within the normal weight range, although some may be slightly underweight or overweight.

Eating disorders not otherwise specified (EDNOS)
This category is for disorders of eating that do not meet the criteria for any specific eating disorder. Almost half of the individuals with an eating disorder fall into this diagnostic group. These individuals meet most but not all the criteria for either Anorexia or Bulimia Nervosa.

Binge eating disorder (BED)
Binge eating disorder is similar behaviour to those with Bulimia Nervosa, without the inappropriate compensatory actions. Most patients in this category group are overweight. In addition, some individuals might also have night eating syndrome (NES), consuming more than half of their daily nutritional requirements after dinner.

Eating disorders in childhood
The onset of eating disorders often occurs during the adolescent stage. Complaints of nausea, abdominal pain and difficulty swallowing may coincide with concerns about body shape. Any child or adolescent that practices unhealthy eating behaviour or thinking obsessively about food should be assessed by an appropriate multi-disciplinary team. Childhood eating disorders can be characterised by:

  • Anorexia Nervosa
  • Bulimia Nervosa
  • Food avoidance emotional disorder
  • Selective eating
  • Restrictive eating
  • Food refusal
  • Functional dysphagia
  • Pervasive refusal syndrome

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