Modified baby-led weaning is a sensible approach from 9 months of age. Instead of moving to lumpy purées, offer your baby soft, solid, whole foods, like blocks of soft steamed carrot/ potato instead of mashed. Lumpy mashed foods may put your baby off food as they might be unsure as to chew or swallow the food, while whole foods are much easier to manage and offer a more predictable texture.

1What does the baby led weaning process entail?
Having 2 bowls on offer, one from which you will feed your baby with a spoon and another with a variety of finger foods from which he/she can choose. By doing this, you ensure some intake by feeding him/her but also encourage him-/herself to interact with the food offered. Observe while they experiment with food and if necessary, show them how to take food to the mouth.

Baby led weaning focus on exploratory measures of taste, texture, colour and smell as your baby sets the pace for the meal. Baby led weaning done in this way might result in less fussy eating and happier mealtimes.

*Please note that this would not be suitable for all infants. Allow yourself to be led by your infant and consult with your dietician for the best plan for your infant.

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